About Us

Consultants. Advisors. Partners.

Texas Lighting is a Manufacturer's Representative Agency responsible for the highest quality lighting, lighting controls, and shading products the market has to offer. We have serviced North Texas and the surrounding area for over 30 years.

Our Company’s Vision

Texas Lighting is committed to providing our customers with the utmost in service, state-of-the-art lighting products, and the technological support they need to thrive in the lighting industry.

The brands we represent have been meticulously chosen by Texas Lighting to ensure they meet our strict standard of quality. Our factories have been loyal partners for many years and we are deeply engrained with the products we represent and the people who make them.

Texas Lighting believes partnership is the keystone to our success.  Partnership forged our company philosophy and fuels our evolution. It is at the core to our success in becoming the leading lighting and controls agency in our market.  We recognize that construction is a complex process that requires many different companies working together to complete a project with results that satisfy everyone involved.  By developing strategic partnerships with our manufacturers, specifiers, contractors and distributors, Texas Lighting can create a design or engineer a solution that is personalized to the needs of each unique project.

Partnering for Success

Our passion and focus is centered on one goal – providing solutions to our customers. Our client-centered approach to providing solutions for a complex and dynamic industry is the trademark of our craft, and it is the primary reason that we have such loyal customers. Design and construction require a collaborative effort by all parties involved to meet increasingly high expectations and strict deadlines. Texas Lighting’s highly skilled employees apply years of experience and training to help bring our clients’ projects to realization on schedule and per design.

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