Our Team

Teamwork. Collaboration. Partnership.

Collaboration is an essential component to being efficient in today's world of building design and construction. Project timelines are shorter than ever and lighting design and controls design are becoming more complex every day. We believe our teams are an extension of your teams, and their ultimate goal is having a satisfied customer. We are standing by to help you.

Inside Sales

Customer service is at the core of who we are, not just a department within the company.

Our team of highly capable and extensively trained Customer Care Agents are here to help our customers through every phase of the construction process. During specification, they are equipped to help select product and detail product part numbers to go into construction drawings. As the job is being priced, our team can provide quick budget numbers or last minute add-ons to meet demanding bid schedules. Once the product is on order, they help coordinate with the factory and the field to ensure the product is delivered correctly and on time.

Controls Design

Lighting control has evolved. From the beginning with a simple on/off switch, to the invention of the solid-state dimmer, to saying “Alexa, turn on my lights”. Designing systems for lighting control today is more complex and involved than any other time in history. Making controls that are easy to operate and developing systems designs that are intuitive are essential to having a happy customer.

Texas Lighting has developed an in-house team that specializes in Lighting Control System Design. They are responsible for assisting our specification team in designing systems for construction drawings by providing one-line and riser diagrams, load schedules, and typicals by space if necessary. They also utilize industry-leading design software to create functional system schematics that are vital to construction site coordination. Our team is extensively trained on the latest codes, including IECC 2015, ASHRAE 90.1 2013 and Title 24

Lighting Design

Lighting is the only thing in a space that affects everything else in that space. It plays a vital role in our daily lives at work and at home. Studies show that lighting can cause physical reactions to the human body. Too much light can result in glare, making the environment uncomfortable. The wrong color temperature of light can cause a chemical reaction that causes the body to produce less melatonin, making it difficult to sleep. Proper lighting design is critical to every space in a commercial or residential environment. We also know that in a typical building, lighting uses more energy than any other electrical component.

Our Lighting Design Team is here to help assist you in meeting the criteria for proper lighting design in every application. Texas Lighting represents the top manufactures in the industry which allows our Lighting Design Team to select the most effective products for the application while using the least amount of energy possible.